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About Us

Professionals redeemed by Christ Jesus, demonstrating the love of God, serving in the clinic, the laboratory, the pharmacy, the production and distribution of purified water and leading the mobilization of the church and the MIC community.

Asociación Vida Patzún, Chimaltenango

History of Asociación Vida

Born in the bosom of the Evangelical University Group (GEU),there we learned that giving a bread to the hungry from the biblical point of view does not mean giving him a literal bread, but putting your profession at his service and attacking the causes of his poverty, and that was and is the purpose that …

Estufas Mejoradas

Integral Mission

In Asociación Vida we understand the integral mission as the call of God to his people to go and take the gospel and its implications to all areas of human life, beginning with the salvation that each individual needs and that is operated by the preaching and by the work of the Holy Spirit, to be…

Historia de Transformación- Asociación Vida

Transformation Stories

The divorce between the making of the church and the community is very marked in Guatemala, even though the Bible teaches us that the mission of the church is integral. A pastor of the “Mount Sinai” church of the Assemblies of God, named José Méndez Toj,  with 46 years of age, from the rural…

Video services Life Association

Life Association Services

With more than 20 years of serving the population of the department of Chimaltenango in health care, our goal is that people receive comprehensive care with the love of God, we work with honesty, ethics and high degree of commitment to provide quality medical services in one place.

Latest Causes

Asociación Vida, a non-profit foundation dedicated for 20 years to assist the low-income population of the department of Chimaltenango in integral health, creating solutions transforming lives in the name of Jesus.


We currently cover the current pandemic with swabs for the detection of COVID-19, many people do not have the necessary resources and are behind schedule ...


In Chimaltenango one of the problems derived from health are the appropriate conditions to live since lack of it increases respiratory diseases ...


It is a program where we provide food, medical treatments in private clinics, ambulance transfers to hospitals, vitamins and ...

Fundraising plans

In Asociación Vida we believe that alliances do not occur in a vacuum, they occur in the participants' own organizational development process, that is, we all strengthen ourselves while extending the kingdom of God.


Help us help

In Asociación Vida we provide the opportunity to young people, students, members of national and international churches to get involved to serve the community with their gifts and talents. For more information write to: You can also  support financially by making a voluntary donation.

Our team of professionals

Our team of professionals will be willing to assist you and provide you with the information you need.


Axel Suquén


Asociación Vida


Elizabeth Ajú

Pharmacy manager

Farmacia Vida


Ana Cocón

Laboratory Manager

Laboratorio Vida

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