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Integral mission

In Asociación Vida we understand the integral mission as:

God’s call to His people to go and carry the gospel and its implications to all areas of human life, beginning with the salvation that every individual needs and that is operated by preaching and by the work of the Holy Spirit (Matthew 28:19-20)

Serve the basic needs of people in need in a compassionate manner (Proverbs 14:31), and watch over the State that was created by God to do good and attack evil so that it complies with the laws that govern them, and does not abuse its authority (Injustice) since as a product of the fall they are prone to degenerate and corrupt themselves,  that is why Jesus asked us to be his salt and his light (Matthew 5:13).

So integral mission in essence means taking God’s word seriously and deciding to obey it at any cost, it does not settle for a gospel that does not transform life, family and society, the gospel of Jesus when it is real, transforms everything and we are a community of believers called by God to be his priests and his apologists in the world (1 Peter 2:9).

We rest in the grace and power of God in all processes, projects and challenges and therefore, all the glory and honor belongs only to him, we have nothing to give, we are only instruments in his hands.

Blessed be his name for what he did in Christ, and he continues to do so through a church obedient to integral mission.

Axel Suquen