Church and community mobilization

Asociación Vida Patzún / Church and community mobilization


1 Corinthians 12:27 New Living Translation: All of you together are Christ’s body, and each of you is a part of it.

However, the church is very fragmented, there are many churches, but scattered, each one seeks to do the work of God only in its denomination, even with good intentions, the church still does not transcend as it should, the country is in crisis because the church has not raised its prophetic voice and cannot because it lacks unity, we were called by God to collaborate in this task of making the prayer of our Lord Jesus come true, according to the gospel of John chapter 17, he asked the Father that we be and act like one.

While we serve by uniting the churches, we dream of transcending with development projects inspired by the Spirit of God, who is manifested in our unity, and guides us to all obedience to Christ, we know that it is a difficult and uphill process, we will have to overcome many barriers together, but in the power of God’s grace in Christ, we know that we are more than conquerors, to him be the glory forever.

“Integral mission is done when people are given a vision they are passionate about and a “lever” is used to help them move forward and have meaningful input into their own community.”Rene Padilla
“Integral mission: it is the mission oriented to the satisfaction of the basic needs of the human being, including his need for God, but also his need for love, food, shelter, shelter, physical and mental health, and sense of human dignity»”Daniel J. King
Asociación Vida Patzún - Church and community

Asociación Vida Patzún – Church and community

Our objetive:

  • Show the kingdom of God through our services, creating extraordinary things together. John 10.10 Isaiah. 58

Results obtained:

  • More unity among leaders, with a vision of the future, they connect their lives and processes with the power of the integral gospel. Isaiah 58.

Stages of the current process:

  • Consolidate the vision and mission of the leaders of the church and Asociación Vida.
  • Networking the church and community for justice, from the framework of the law and the Kingdom of God.
  • Influencing and impacting communities by attending to basic needs
  • Use of mass media and social networks


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Church and community – Asociación Vida

Join us

We promote leadership in Christ, for the fulfillment of the integral mission based on the development of strategic networks, we learn from the word of God and the laws that govern our country, exercising our dual citizenship, so that the world believes in God and seeks to honor Him.

In this process and in a natural way different levels of leadership have emerged where reflection and action are built to be relevant in practical actions of compassion and justice. More and more pastors join the network of 200 churches in the department of Chimaltenango where we have learned that mission in the manner of Jesus begins with our lives and with our resources where we have reached families serving them in housing constructions, improved stoves, rehabilitation in natural disasters, agriculture, family farms, cash transfers in times of Covid-19.

The protagonist has always been the church as God’s project for humanity, join the cause by creating solutions transforming lives in the name of Jesus.

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