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01History of Asociación Vida

Born in the bosom of the Evangelical University Group (GEU), there we learned that giving a bread to the hungry from the biblical point of view does not mean giving him a literal bread, but putting your profession at his service and attacking the causes of his poverty, and that was and is the purpose that gives life to the Association life,  Axel and Lourdes (1996-1997), graduated as a doctor and dentist formed their family and decided to serve from Patzun, Chimaltenango, started their clinics, Axel also served in Ri Chumial a Christian development organization.

In 1996 Dr. Apolos Landa, Regional Coordinator of the San Lucas Society, he knew about us by Angelit Guzmán Chávez, she had met us a few years before when she gave some training workshops in integral mission since the letter of the apostle Paul to the Ephesians in the GEU, we started the Life at Home Association,  then something bigger was rented and now grace to God it has its own headquarters from where we operate. GEU leaders such as Mr. Fredy Danilo Jiménez who had been president of the board of directors of the student movement also received the call and has been serving since then on the board and general assembly of the Association, this has been a well-led establishment by him.

During these years, only one thing has been important and that is that all levels of the ministry, honor their call, and seek to be faithful to the Lord, God for his part, has been in charge of training us, providing us and renewing our call, when the crises have come, we pray every day that it is his glory that moves us to continue healing the sick,  empowering pastors and churches, leading community development leaders so that all together, we seek to be the salt and light that Jesus said in Matthew 5:13

Asociación Vida Patzún, Chimaltenango


Show the kingdom of God through our services, creating extraordinary things together.

John 10:10 Isaiah. 58


To be an integrated, innovative organization, leader in the field and passionate about serving God and society.


Year: 1996

Founders: Jesus Christ

  • Family: Suquen Rosales
  • Family: Jimenes Guerra
  • Family: Esther y David Claus
  • Family: Al y Sue Field