The midy taker fulfills one of the most important roles during pregnancy and conception. In the more remote areas of Chimaltenango, these midwives are also called midwives.

They are essential for good maternal and prenatal health, especially where health facilities are scarce and doctors are not plentiful. Guatemala has the highest maternal mortality rate in Latin America, 115 deaths per 100,000 births, while the regional average is 87.

This is due to extremely low levels of antenatal care and high rates of informal births, especially in rural areas.  About three-quarters of maternal mortality occurs among young women of indigenous descent.

Midwives - Asociación Vida

Midwives – Asociación Vida

According to the World Bank, this occurs mainly because many indigenous families lack the resources to pay for care in the formal health sector – the study Latin America Indigenous in the XXI Century indicates that an indigenous person in the country earns about 6% less than non-indigenous people – and because due to discrimination,  to language barriers and geographical isolation, they tend to prefer health services recognized by expectant mothers as traditional, and such is the case of midwives.

Asociación Vida, conducts training workshops for leadership for political advocacy, with the support of the clinic’s doctors guidance is provided for the care of births, complicated cases are referred to our clinics with support of laboratory diagnoses and ultrasound. Every year we have three leadership meetings where they include COCODES, Pastors, Health Promoters to be able to dream together for the integral development of the communities.

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